unknown automotive Art for Muntz Jet

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1950 Muntz Road Jet 2DR For Sale
Earl ‘Madman' Muntz produced one of the most iconic cars in American history.
His Muntz Jet was the fastest production car in the US in the early 50s. Muntz built only
198 cars total before he closed down automotive operations in 1954.

After building the first 27 Jets in Los Angeles in 1950, Muntz then moved production to
Evanston, IL for the duration of his car business which ended in 1954.

There were several unique things about the first 27 cars made in LA. First, the cars were
all the original length. Muntz extended the cars by 3” after the move to Illinois, making the
cars a little less sporty and agile in appearance.

Most remarkably, the fenders and quarter panels of the 27 SoCal Muntz Jets were made of
aluminum…everything else was steel. That gave way to full steel-bodied cars with the move
to Illinois. The unusual ‘unibody' construction remained the same.

The height of the uniquely-angled chromed steel windshield frame was 2 inches shorter than
the later Illinois cars, giving the cars a racier appearance.

The other change that occurred with the move to Evanston - which we feel was a poor decision -
was to reconfigure the front bumper and cross members in the grille systems of the cars. Look at
the difference in the photo spread for this ad. At the end of the photos, you'll see two finished,
fully-restored Muntz jets - a red one from the 1950 LA production run of the first 27 cars built
and a 1952 model from the Illinois plant in a light ‘Aztec Gold' color.

We don't know who owns the red one but the gold Muntz Is one that I restored ten years ago.
It was a rusty mess when I started on it. Three years later, you see the result. The floors the
entire rockers…everything was rusted away. A lot of hard work, skill and money brought it back.

However, the point of the two cars is for you to compare the front bumper and grilles of the red 1950 and the gold 1952. Study the photos at the end of the photo in this ad and you will see the substantial difference. I personally prefer the 1950 front end...which is what is for sale here with #14.

The 1950 run of 27 also featured the awesome 331 Cadillac OHV engine. Car 14 has its
original Cadillac 331 engine and the extremely strong hydromatic transmission. In fact, the
transmissions were also used by the US army in tanks! Both Car 14's Cadillac engine
and its original, matching hydromatic transmission are being completely rebuilt right now. I have
Included a couple photos of what the engine will look like in a few weeks time.

In 1951, Muntz had to switch to a Lincoln 317 as GM didn't want to sell him any more engines.
For some strange reason my gold 1952 Muntz came with a 331 Cadillac engine. Perhaps Earl had
some extra Caddy engines and went ahead and put them in some of the 1952 cars.

The bottom line for collectors seems to be that the 1950 first 27 cars with the aluminum fenders
and quarters are the most desirable of all the Muntz Jets. 198 total were built and there are
said to be about 50 remaining.

This is how Muntz Jet #14 was saved…and now I am offering it to someone to finish it properly.
Asking $79,500 USD
e-Mail or Call
Call Rod: 001-712-767-2363

Seller: Private
Active at PWC since: 01-01-2009

Details for unknown automotive Art for Muntz Jet

Manufacturer: unknown
Make: Muntz Jet
Quality: used
Year: 1950-1959
Price: USD 79500
Advert ID: 233823
Viewed: 97

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