Peugeot 203 Saloon 1957 for sale

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Nice and Original Peugeot 203 from 1957 ( built in 56 ) has still trfficators .

Car originally equipped with a factory sunroof. Matching number engine .

Super sound Body : Original Floors and sills in mint condition .
Not a bubble of rust or mastic on the entire body .

New Brakes from A to Z .

The car handles and drives very well and she starts on the button .

A car for original survivors afficionados : the car has still its smell with the original interior in good condition .

Eligible for Monte Carlo Historique Rally , The Thin tyres and almost super square engine would be a success in the snow for a reasonable budget .

Seller: Private
Active at PWC since: 01-01-2009
Location: FRANCE

Details for Peugeot 203 Saloon 1957 for sale

Make: Peugeot
Type: 203
Coach: Saloon
Year: 1957
Price: EUR 7995
Advert ID: 233986
Viewed: 164

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