Alfa Romeo Duetto 1750 Spider Cabriolet 1966 for sale

This most popular of the range, USA supplied, Alfa Romeo 1750 Duetto spider veloce with Dellorto carburetors, has been lovingly restored. The rear of the Duetto, nicknamed the Osso di Sepia or cuttlebone, is beautifully sculpted to resemble a cuttlebone. Completely, A-Z, restored in 2015. The engine and transmission were fully overhauled with invoices in support of the process. The complete shell was restored, resulting in straight bodywork with well fitting body panels and a gleaming finish. The original underbody is, of course, uncorroded. The attention was also lavished on the interior aspect of the car with all-new seats, carpets and soft-top. A very nicely restored 1750 Duetto indeed, in great working condition and a pleasure to drive!


Seller: Gallery Aaldering

Details for Alfa Romeo Duetto 1750 Spider Cabriolet 1966 for sale

Make: Alfa Romeo
Type: Duetto 1750
Coach: Spider Cabriolet
Year: 1966
Price: EUR 36950
Advert ID: 234052
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