Bosch ignition parts for a variety of Motorcycles

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Bosch ignition pointset 1 217 013 002 old Bosch number LMKT 2 Sort 2

Achilles/ADI/Adler/Amo Amoretto/Anker/ASB/Bastert/Bauer/Binz/Bismarck/Bitter/Brennabor/Göricke/HMW/Horex/Husqvarna/Phänomen/Wanderer and many others. Enquiries with make, type, year & ign. system

Price per set €10.- verzendkosten €3.-

Others available from large stock

Seller: Elema
Active at PWC since: 01-01-2009

Details for Bosch ignition parts for a variety of Motorcycles

Manufacturer: Bosch
Model: Ignition pointset
Make: a variety of Motorcycles
Type: Achilles/ADI/Adler/Amo Amoretto/Anker/ASB/Bastert/Bauer plus many others
Quality: new old stock
Year: 1950-1959
Price: EUR 10
Advert ID: 234388
Viewed: 83

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