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Cord 1929-1932; 1936-1937 Cord, related to Auburn and Duesenberg, was a pioneer in front wheel driving and offered two highly innovative and attractive models but had little commercial success. The 810 is a design classic. company: Auburn Automobile Company address: South Wayne Street, Auburn, Indiana, USA models: L-29; 810; 812 coachbuilders: LaGrande; Murphy; Hayes; Freestone & Webb people: Errett CORD; Carl VAN RANST; Gordon BUEHRIG most famous car: L-29 (first American front-wheel drive car offered to the public)

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Cord 812 Phaeton 1981 for sale Cord 812 Phaeton 1981   US   On Request Victorycars,inc.

Cord 812 Phaeton 1981 for sale

Wow ! Look at this baby ! Beautiful TRULY SUPERCHARGED 1937 Cord 812 Phaeton , built in 1981 by S.E. Replicars in Florida. LAST car built and one of only TWO supercharged cars built , with a total pro

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