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MG 1923 - date: Cecil Kimber joined Morris Garages (MG) in 1921 and during the early 1920s he experimented with various special bodies based on Morris chassis. In due course he modified a Morris Oxford to become the MG Super Sports. This proved to be so successful a strategy, that the MG Car Company was duly set up in 1928. The transformation of a standard Morris into a sports by relatively mild uprating of the engine and suspension, plus the installation of rakish bodywork, was to set the pattern for MG’s during the next decades. Notable early MG’s included Kimber’s 14/40hp, the Morris Minor-based M type Midget, and the 18/80. Major successes in motorsport raised the profile of the MG company in the prewar era, and Midgets evolved through J, PA and PB series models, then moved on to the TA and short-lived TB variants, before hostilities temporarily put a halt to production. From 1935 MG was part of the Nuffield Organisation and the cars became a little bigger and more comfortable. Remarkable fact: the MG Car Club is almost as old as the make itself (founded in 1930). Company: M.G. Car Company Limited – Colwell Drive, Abingdon, England Models: 14/28; 14/40; 18/80; C; D; F1; F2; F3; J1; J2; J3; J4; K1; K2; K3; KN; L1; L2; M; NA; NB; ND; NE; PA; PB; SA; TA; TB; VA; WA (Midget, Magna, Magnette) Coachbuilders: Carbodies; Tickford; Weymann People: Cecil Kimber; Hubert Charles; George Propert; Cecil Cousins; Reg Jackson; Sydney Enever Most famous car: K3 Magnette c. 1934

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MG   1950 for sale MG MG Radiator badge 1950-1959   NZ   EUR 95 Hans Compter

MG 1950 for sale

Radiator-grille-badge for a 1950's MG, made by Heritage MFG. Good condition. Price includes postage worldwide.
MG MG  A  1950 for sale MG Mig SHOKABSORBERS 1950-1959   NL   TOO LATE Private

MG MG A 1950 for sale

MG MG  A  1950 for sale MG MG   1950-1959   NL   TOO LATE Private

MG MG A 1950 for sale

MG Part N° SA 2246/1  1950 for sale MG MG 2nd gear 1950-1959   NZ   EUR 138 Hans Compter

MG Part N° SA 2246/1 1950 for sale

New-old-stock 2nd-gear for Morris and MG-cars of the 1950's. Genuine Nuffield-part still in old box. Part N° SA 2246/1. Suitable for MG-TD, TF, YA, YB and YT and Morris Ten Series M. Price include
MG   1950 for sale MG MG   1950-1959   NL   EUR 200 Private

MG 1950 for sale

MG type A compleet ook 1960,1963-65
MG   1960 for sale MG MG   1960-1969   NL   EUR 350 Private

MG 1960 for sale

Gearbox MG TypeA
MG   1945 for sale MG Lucas Model 488 1945-1955   NZ   EUR 55.00 Hans Compter

MG 1945 for sale

One taillight for late model MG-TD. Lucas Model 488. In good dent free condition but housing needs rechroming.

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