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about Trident Cars.

Trident Cars were made at By-Pass Garage, Woodbridge Suffolk. The garage was owned by Mr W.J.Last of Manor Farm. Wood bridge. He raced a Buckler in the early 50's; sold Crayford hoods for open cars then started to produce TVR's which 'morfed'into Trident cars.

Does any one have pictures of the garage where it all started or any early Trident pictures?

I tried the Trident Owners Club website without avail.... 

Roger Romney Brown

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Chevrolet Cadet and Holden FC

  Some years ago, I read articles of a post war Chevrolet small car development called the Cadet. Earl McPherson was the project engineer. It was on this car that the suspension system that bears his name was invented and it was used on all four corners. (The patent had long expired before GM used it.)


My question as a Texan, since the pictures of the prototype look almost identical to the Holden FC, was the project taken to Australia and produced there? Does the FC have the four wheel McPherson suspension?

Allan Lewis 



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calendar with junior pilots

Are you still inviting young members with pics of them with their cars for your calendar if so which e mail address do I use?

Peter Street  

editor: though photos have been flooding in you are still welcome to send to :    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Live Video: Goodwood Revival

Tip from Rick Ford:

Goodwood Revival live. 

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Warning, buyer beware! (Update: Ask their address, Use PayPal & Photo !!!)

I had a phone call recently from 'Robin' in the 'Isle of Man'. He had seen my wanted ad on the prewarcar.com website asking for veteran Rudge spares.

Robin had a rusty frame, a nice restored petrol tank, a rear wheel and some other small parts.

I suggested a price, which he accepted, and he said he had a carrier arriving later that day, and he could ship the parts straight away, if I paid the money into his Nationwide Building Society account.

I paid the money into his account, with a bit of doubt in my mind, but I wanted those Rudge parts.

And guess what, the parts haven't arrived and 'Robin' isn't answering his phone.

I have since found a similar story on the interenet of a chap responding to a wanted ad for car parts, and he was using the same mobile phone number.

He was very, very convincing. He knew exactly what parts he had, and described them in detail. The frame was rusty and might need repairing, and he didn't have the engine, sorry.

The main warning sign if you should be offered a similar deal - it was all done in a great rush. He told other buyer was just about to fly off on holiday.

Editor:  These villains change names every day. We have also seen the name Tommy Baxter. The point is that the buyers act too greedy too quick and should take more precautions:

- ALWAYS ask detailed photos of the parts they have available
- ALWAYS Per Paypal for Protection
- ALWAYS ask a good answer first where the parts are available for inspection (and check the answer, easy!).

With these three rules your protection is nearly water tight.

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Scam with Wanted Adverts

Here a warning by Rod Renfrew who was victim of a scammer offering the parts he needed:

"You may have previously been contacted but if not this a word of warning I thought you could pass on to other advertisers, I recently placed a wanted advert on the site and was contacted by a Mr Robin Butler who said he was from the Isle Of Man he  "had in his possesion a ford model A axle " which he could got sent over on pallet line , a few questions followed and I will say I was a little uneasy but paid the cost, only to find the phone wasnt answered until I rang from a differing number--I did get it checked out to find he has been at this for some time and known to the police in Norfolk so I assume he is nowhere near the IOM anyway I do have bank account numbers etc and have spoken with the police, the number he uses is 07428955994, if any other advertisers have been duped by Robin or should that be ROBBING then they can get in touch if they want the police contacts.
ref Mr Butlers scam, you can view other comments if you search his number--07428955994, I will forward any paperwork I receive but meanwhile this is the crime number issued by Action Fraud dept--NFRC120900426575 their number is 03001232040 if you wish to contact them,

All the best Rod Renfrew

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Pre 60's reg No's.

Myself and several others would like more info on the proposed legislation for pre-60's number plates / mot scheme and how it will affect thousands of pre-60's car owners. Is there a group opposing this or lobbying MP's ??
Tim Jackson

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registration number transfers

Rod Renfrew has a question about the new MOT system in the UK:

Hi, for many years if a registration number was to be transfered from a vehicle, the doner vehicle would have to have a current MOT test certificate. It was also that a vehicle that was issued with a desirable registration number such as a tractor or road roller yet did not require an MOT for road use and therefore could never be considered for transfer, so with the oncoming no MOT required for vehicles before 1960 how does this effect the registration system? Does anyone know the answer ?

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L.Scott Bailey of Automobile Quarterly

The quarterly magazine (or is it a book?) Automobile Quarterly (AQ) was first published in Spring 1962. The brainchild of founding Editor L.Scott Bailey who took a risk that there were enough enthusiasts who would buy such a relatively expensive publication which was devoted solely to automotive history. It was of the highest quality and he only commissioned the best writers and photographers. Volume 1 number 1 for example features amongst others Kern Purdy, Ralph Stein, Denise McCluggage with photographs by Tom Burnside and Ozzie Lyons. AQ is a publication that should be on every motoring historians book shelf.

Scott Bailey, an American, later sold AQ and retired to live in Wood Stanway in the Cotswolds, where he spent much of his time researching naval history. He passed away at the end of June. A memorial service will be held on the 21st July at Stanway Church (Gloucestershire) at 3 pm.

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Is this the death knell for classic and vintage wedding cars in the UK

Dear Sirs

Just a quick note to acquaint you with some proposed legislation in the UK that will see the majority of classic and vintage cars totally priced off the road or become illegal as wedding cars . Full details are on my blog www.classicandvintage.co.uk/news/ which I hope you will give suitable prominence to your readers. Many of them will be doing quite a few weddings a year to help defray the cost of maintaining their cars.

David Jones

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Monaco or Bust: A Road Trip to the Monaco Historic Grand Prix Raising funds for Breast Cancer Care and Prostate Cancer Charities

Dear All,

On the 6th May, my friend Liz and I are going to be driving her husband David’s race prepared C type Jaguar, from the Royal Automobile Club to the Historic Grand Prix in Monaco, where it is entered to race over the weekend.

4 days later when we arrive on the 10th May we are meeting the Chairman of the Historic Grand Prix in front of the Automobile Club de Monaco, where there will be a photo call and interview.

This trip is to raise charitable funds for Breast Cancer Care and the Prostate cancer charities, as very sadly we have many friends, of all ages that are currently suffering with these dreadful diseases. I am sure that you will all know of somebody who has been touched by the same.

Our 4 day trip is an awareness campaign to highlight the importance of getting checked.

Breast cancer is non gender bias. Yes guys, you can get it too!

Prostate & breast cancer are often curable if caught early enough.

So our strap line is:


For those of you who know me, the actual driving isn’t the task, the weather on the other hand, in an open top, with 1,000 miles of tarmac ahead of us is!

So think of Liz and I, and please, donate generously.

These donations could make all the difference.

Just one click to:


With enormous thanks in advance for all your support.


Kindest regards,


Sarah Adams-Diffey (Mrs)

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Classic and Sport Car is reading PreWarCar

As a result of your advertisement (1950 Bentley Sedan), I received an offer from Classic and Sports Car to include the story of the car in their Lost and Found column. Of course, I agreed, and it will be featured in an upcoming issue. By the way, Classic and Sports Car is my favorite magazine. Thanks again,

Allyn Griffith

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Why is there no price of vehicles in advertisements?

Why do people not put the price they want for their vehicles on the ads? Are they too ashamed of their vehicles to quote the price and do others, like me, just ignore those ads and only consider contacting those who are prepared to be upfront about pricing? I want proof that they don't quote prices when contacted depending on the country you come from and not on the value of the vehicle.
Peter Flanagan

editor: the subject you come up with is as old as car advertising and probably also existed before that time with horse selling ads. There are various reasons why people sometimes do not show a price. Some people want to keep the freedom to adapt the price to their feeling about the marketsituation, without showing that to you. Sometimes they just like to know what the interest is that a car attracts independent of the price. Sometimes they try to sell the car of their neighbour and don't want to their neighbour to know how much they add to the price. Sometimes they have no idea what to ask for their car and want you to come up with a price suggestion. The next motivation not to show a price, is that a seller is not yet sure if he wants to sell privately or through an auction house. When he is showing his car at a certain price level he may be afraid that at auction this price has become an impossibility. 

We are sure there are many more reasons why some people don't want to show a price in the advert. And you should not care about that. If you don't like it, just ignore the advert. You can demand all kind of things like you do in your last lines, but in the end the seller/owner is in charge - is the boss-  untill the time that you or anybody else is taking over the wheel....

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Futurliner #8 being restored in Sweden.

Dear editor,
Obviously futurliner #8 is in Sweden where it is being restored.
This picture I found in last years swedish Classic Motor magazine #10 where its owner is raising funds for its restoration at Barkarby swap meet.
Classic Motor regularly reports on this project.
Kind regards,
John Elema

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Good response for Ecurie Bertelli (over the year)

Yes, I want to continue......I get good responses from pre-war car and I enjoy the magazine as well.
Send me an invoice.
Andy Bell ,  Ecurie Bertelli   ( January 5, 2011 )

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Much better than eBay

Wow, what a great response. Listed several parts, sent more photos to all interested parties. Unfortunately i could only sell the item only once, but had others buyers waiting in line.

Much better than Ebay.
I'm converted.

Thanks Chris Knoop

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'Much better than Ebay.' (December 9, 2010)

Wow, what a great response. Listed several parts, sent more photos to all interested parties. Unfortunately i could only sell the item only once, but had others buyers waiting in line.

Much better than Ebay.
I'm converted.

Thanks Christopher Knoop

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Free Advert Feature

Dear Editor,
                     Just to say that I really appreciate your free advert feature for relatively low value parts which might otherwise be difficult to find a home for because of advertising costs elsewhere.  Thank you for allowing this space in the web page. Yours sincerely,
Bill Coates

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Alvis Speed 25 back to the UK (May 1, 2010)

Merci beaucoup pour la qualité de votre site et pour votre service.
Mon Alvis est vendue et est retournée hier en Angleterre

Roger Bernard , France

(Thanks a lot for the quality of your website and your service.
  My Alvis is sold and returned to the UK yesterday)

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parts to Japan ( April 25, 2010)

I had 5 or 6 answers to the advert. The ignition parts (magneto converter) went to Japan, as an enthusiast there was the first to accept the price. The others were from Holland, Belgium and Germany.

Ole Kr. Haugen

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Lightburn Zeta help wanted

hello from australia.

Under all that junk in my old bus is the prototype Lightburn Zeta Sports car and two Messerschmit tg 500 engines which I have owned for over thirty years and have stored for about 25 years in Adelaide South Australia

I hope you will be interested to help write an article to find people who would like to preserve and drive this car to the World Microcar Expo in Chicago next august. I am sure someone would be interested to team up and finish this car for all to enjoy

If you would like to get in touch with me I will tell you more and perhaps you and friends can be responsible for saving this unique and rare car from the dump when I go

Thanks for reading my message and I hope to hear from you soon Robin Heath

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