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Did you write, publish or read a new book related to pre-war or post-war cars and automobilia, please leave your book review here (click). Or maybe it isn’t a new book, but some book that needs our special attention, feel free to let us know (click).

Make sure you post the cover of the book as first picture. Aside your opinion and a short sum-up of the content, we’d also of course want to know the writer, the full title and the ISBN number (if available). Any additional information is welcome.

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New Book - De Tomaso: From Buenos Aires to Modena

From Buenos Aires to Modena
By Dr. Daniele Pozzi, Translation from the Italian text
by Andrea Cittadini and Alessandro Saetta Vinci

The first illustrated and complete book on one of the top marques of the Olympus of automotive history, written in collaboration with the de Tomaso family.

New Book - Jewels in the crown

“Jewels in the crown - how Tata of India transformed Britain’s Jaguar and Land Rover” by Ray Hutton.

Review by Michael E Ware.

I have often wondered how a car company, relatively unknown outside of India, could become the “Preferred Bidder” for Jaguar/Land Rover (JLR). For Tata to purchase both companies from Ford, and in a relatively short...