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And the winner is… Gerd Klioba! (+ Puzzle #181)

And the winner is… Gerd Klioba!
Did you spend every Saturday rummaging through old motoring mags, scouring the internet and flicking yearbooks hoping to find that one picture for the past six months..? Then the moment you have been waiting for is finally here! This week we reveal the winners of the What is it? quizzes and the Tough to crack car puzzles!

We have added up all the points that you gained in the past 26 weeks, and these are the results: 5th Place goes Fritz Hegemann with 49 points. 4th to Luc Ryckaert with 53 points. Henk Visscher makes it to the top-3 with 62 points. Very close with 63 points is Alan Spencer on the 2nd place. But..! The one and only Pre-War / Post-War quiz winner who was the only one who participated in all 24 quizzes and thus receives 9 bonus points for this, makes it to a grand total of 77 points no less. And that winner is… Gerd Klioba!

Congratulations Gerd! You will receive the famous and T-shirt including a special badge. Apart from that, there is an additional price, sponsored by Hans Compter Automobiles plus the book Investing in cars by Vincent van der Vinne. Would you want to win a similar prize?

We’ll continue our puzzle tradition on both our websites, and after another 6 months there’s another chance of becoming our respected car connoisseur. And the new round start right here, right now. Know this car? Then do let us know.
Just to remind you, we sum up the rules here once more. Participants will compete in a 6-month competition. So twice a year we will have a new winner for the last 24 quizzes (both as well as If you participate (giving an answer is enough) you will receive 1 point. When your answer is correct, you will receive 3 points. If we declare your answer to be the best and most complete, you will receive 5 points. In the end, you can miss 4 quizzes. So only the 20 best will count. If you participate in all 24 quizzes, you will get 9 bonus points. Everyone starts again at zero, and we trust you all will keep enjoying our quizzes. We wish you all the best of luck!

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