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Montee Ballon d’Alsace for sniffing up atmosphere

Go to the Ballon d’Alsace for sniffing up atmosphere
You could go to the Nürburgring this weekend for the German Oldtimer Grand Prix, where you will find some awesome racers. But you’ll find long cues anywhere near the legendary racing track. You'll also find it hard to buy a sausage or beer here with 60,000 more visitors joining you.

You could also try and find an event not so packed with people. How about the Montee Ballon d’Alsace, some 400 kilometres further south in Europe, on the French-German border? This is a historical hill climb on a breathtaking stretch of road that took first place in 1906 but that’s been given a new lease of life more recently. It looks to us a typical relaxed and very French event, with some splendid cars attending never the less. We can see drivers of classic Alpines, Matras and Fournier-Marcadiers standing at the starting line with a Gauloise casually in the corner of their lips, with people sitting on a little table metres away from that sipping from a coffee or Pernod.

But perhaps we shouldn’t give away tip-offs like this and keep them for ourselves..?

(Words editor, pictures Montee d'Alsace)

Thursday, 09 August 2018

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HERO takes over ERA

HERO takes over ERA
In the UK dominated world of classic rallying there is the Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation (HERO) and the Endurance Rally Association (ERA). The first is known for its historic rallies organized by its late founder Philip Young since the 1980s, the ERA specializes in long distance endurance events such as the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge.

Now, HERO and the ERA have reached an agreement for HERO to take over all the events organised by the ERA. It means that HERO is now responsible for some 25 classic rallies world wide, long and short for cars dating back to a wide variety of periods, and with varying degrees of difficulty.

Tomas de Vargas Machuca, HERO’s chairman said: “At HERO, our approach can best be described as ‘for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts’ and there have been no greater enthusiasts than Philip Young and his colleagues at the ERA. Philip was, and still is, a revered figure, and we are proud to be taking on the ERA's portfolio of events.”

Wednesday, 08 August 2018

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Back to back: 1952 Pick-ups weird and wonderful

Back to back: 1952 Pick-ups weird and wonderful
We’ve always had a soft spot for the saloon / sedan based pick-up here at PostWarClassic, with an extra special place in our hearts for the country cool Chevy El Camino and Ford Ranchero. They are also sometimes referred to as coupé utilities and the very first of them is believed to have come from an early 1930se request from an Australian farmer. He applied to Ford in a letter ‘looking for a vehicle to go to church in on a Sundays and which can carry our pigs to market on Mondays’. 

The duo seen form two examples of the earliest pick-up saloons predating both the El Camino as the Ranchero by quite a few years. First of them is a 1952 Armstrong-Siddeley Station Coupe. With 990 examples and the majority of these having been exported to Australia, it’s pretty rare. But this one is even rarer being left hand driven and a metric speedo. With its straight-six 2.3-litre engine it was delivered to Finland when new. According to the seller it was restored in the 1980s and has been preserved well since. See the ad here.

Even rarer is a Hudson Hornet 6 that was converted to a pick-up. Although this is a replica, at least one such pick-up was originally built in 1952. The whereabouts of the real car(s) are unknown, but this is a beautiful reproduction in the style of the early 1950s when Hudson-dealers were encouraged by the Hudson Motor Company to develop their own version of the pick-up as ‘a parts and service business that attracts attention (…) It is a symbol of good business and marks the outward distinction of the dealer who cares.’ Like the Armstrong-Siddeley it is also being powered by a straight-six engine, now of 308 cubic inches capacity. See the full description of the car here.

Tuesday, 07 August 2018

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A typical garage in France

A typical garage in France
The last couple of weeks, we enjoyed our vacation in France. Despite the high temperatures, we tried to go out so every now and then. And as we hoped, we found some places that we think of as typically French.
The first place we found was when we took a wrong turn. Just when we wanted to turn, we noticed something old behind a barn. It was in that field that we saw a few Renault Dauphines, R4 and some other cars. Yes! This is what we dreamed about. We didn’t see the owner so we left again. But this was a good start.
Earlier this week, we found another place that you can only find in France. In a place called Nyons, well known for their olive oils; we saw a drawing of the famous 2CV in some lavender fields. How French can it be? Behind that wall, we found a modern Citroen garage with a few old cars. Well, check the photos, listen to ”non, je ne regrette rien”,  imagine the smell of lavender and dream away….

Monday, 06 August 2018

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