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Bullit chase car hussles towards German concours

Bullit chase car makes it to German concours
Remember the Bullit Mustang that was found back earlier this year? ChromCars in Germany, a company that calls itself ‘Automotive Archaeologists’ wishes it would have it. Well, who doesn't? They do have what they call an ‘Original BULLIT replica’, which is a bit of a contradictio in terminus if you ask us. Albeit an original GT390 fastback in the right hue of Highland Green, it is, of course, a replica of the famous movie car. Please call things what they are before people start to interpret things differently.

Anyhow, they actually do have an original Bullit car, too: it's the black 1968 Dodge Charger R/T that is in the same fabulous silver screen chase. It’s one of two of these cars that were used to film the 7-minute pursuit scene. The German company bought it from the US in 2015. The good thing is that they will show it this weekend at the Schloss Dyck concours from 3 to 5 August at the Schloss Dyck estate. The press release states that they are on display ‘in a separate paddock - a shop with everything that the fans need next door’s’…

(Words editor, pictures ChromCars)


Thursday, 02 August 2018

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Lambo classics on holiday tour

Lambo classics on holiday tour
When you are in Italy this Summer you might just bump into a duo of Lamborghinis that are having a little party tour. What’s going on? Well, Lamborghini is to mark the 50th anniversary of their Espada and Islero models this year and they have decided to do so by restoring an example of both models and take them on a tour throughout Italy.

Could these two be the ultimate Lamborghini models, 50 years after their conception? The lines of the 400 GT are still visible in the Islero (the underpinnings are largely similar) but the body by Carrozzeria Marazzi oozes late 1960s like not much else. The interior is almost over sumptuous giving even the ugliest of ducklings the idea they are the star of the swans family. Just 225 were made.

And then there’s the Espada. Certainly much more of a success with 1,000 more examples built compared to the Islero, despite its weird looks and peculiar proportions. This car is like nothing else, seating four in its wacky body by Bertone. Even more unusual than the Islero? Certainly in style. Even more attractive? Perhaps even that.

Lamborghini Polo Storico, the marque’s heritage department, will be finishing the car’s restorations soon and take them on a 400 miles tour throughout Umbria and Tuscany from 7 to 11 September. And they are not on their own, as they will lead a procession of other Lambos. Watch out for them when you are around.

(Words editor, pictures Classic Car Garage / RM Sotheby's)

Wednesday, 01 August 2018

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An Indian elephant to help Austin drivers

This is a story about an animal rather than about cars. Or is it? Well, fact is that it has to be one of the more light hearthed British Pathe movie clips we’ve come across. But also one of the loveliest. We are treated to the latest helper at the East Midlands petrol station in Warmington, Northamptonshire in 1964, who comes in the shape of an elephant.

Was it really true? It seems so, as there are more images to prove it. The elephant named Baby can be seen putting petrol in the cars and pushing vehicles out when they get stuck. There are some very period cars in the movie, too. A rare Austin Metropolitan, which was only sold briefly within the UK as the majority of these Longbridge-made creatures were sold as Nash Metropolitans for export to the US. And then there’s another Austin that may be called rare today: an A70 ‘Hampshire’ pick-up. Crikey, when was the last time we saw one of those..?

But back to the subject of this movie clip. Does the (Shell) garage still exist? There seem to be plenty of forecourts in greater Warmington these days but there doesn’t seem to be any of them looking anything like the one in the film. And what’s more: what on earth happened to the elephant?

(Words editor, video British Pathe via Youtube)

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

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Say it with flowers

Say it with flowers

People often show their love by giving flowers. We decorate the car when a wedding is taking place, we give flowers when a new car is bought. We use flowers to décor our garden. And even some cars end up as a flower basket themselves. We found this sweet yellow “Herbie” online and although we prefer that cars stay in use, we liked it.


Can you imagine having something similar in your backyard? It would be perfect for the garden in front of our PostWarClassic headquarters.


Have you seen a not-so-daily flower garden which includes a PostWarClassic? Please share it with us. We wish you a colourful day!



Monday, 30 July 2018

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