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About What is it? Puzzle #188: FSO Ogar

About What is it? Puzzle #188: FSO Ogar

As it is sunny in our part of the world, we thought this car would fit perfectly in last weeks quiz. And we were happy to see 3 good answers. The first one was from Fritz Hegemann, who emailed us from China. He was unable to add a comment there so an email gave us the right solution. "FSO Ogar, concept car by Cezary Nawrot from 1977, based on a Polski Fiat 125p with typical ESV (=Experimental Safety Vehicle)-design-elements of the seventies. 4-cyl.-ohv-engine with 1481cc and 82 hp, overall wheight around 900 kg. The Fabryka Samochodów Osobowych (= Factory for the Production of Cars), Warsaw, built cars from 1951-2011."
After that, regular contributor Fried Stol gave some extra info: "a second attempt to create a sportscar by Cezary Nawrot using the chassis and drive-train of a Polski Fiat 125P. Body was made of fiberglass, and everything else to meet USA safety regulations, like large bumpers, side lights etc. In order to be able to export this car. Although more than 70.000 succesfull test km’s were made, the communist regime didn’t appreciate fancy cars, which is why this Ogar shared Polski Fiat Coupé 1100’s fate of never being produced. Luckily this only Ogar ever made wasn’t destroyed like Nawrot’s other one of, 1960 Syrena Sport."
And Gerd Klioba added: ". The car, powered by a 75 hp engine can be seen in the Technical Museum in Warsaw. It remained a one-off."

This weeks winner is Fried Stol, as he gave us most information in exactly 100 words! Well done to all of you and we do hope you will enjoy some bright sunshine this weekend

Source: wikipedia 

Saturday, 28 July 2018

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Time for a holiday

Time for a holiday
Are you going away this Summer? We are. And France remains a popular destination within our family, so that’s where we are heading to pretty soon. The French themselves are notorious for their vacations in August, when all of the country’s economy is defunct for a month. So you have just a few days left to contact them.

We wonder where today’s French Friday Lady and her son (or grandson?) were heading to back when this superb shot was taken somewhere in the 1960s. The ‘78’ of the car’s registration is for the Yvelines department, greater Paris. so we're guessing that was the starting point. She seems well prepared and is looking calm and stress-free, despite that big caravan behind the DS and a wooden rowing boat on top of its roof, suggesting the destination will be at a lake or river?

Also note the child is wearing clothes that fit in perfectly with both the car as well as the caravan, with even colour coded socks. Speaking of dedication... Have a great holiday!

(Words editor, picture PWC archive)

Friday, 27 July 2018

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Caption it: style at Silverstone

Caption it: style at Silverstone
We couldn’t help but chuckle upon seeing this photograph, taken by Andy Barass at last weekend’s Silverstone Classic. Are all those Porsches just standing there or are they really looking in envy to all those Astons Martins on the racing track? While it was the 70th Anniversary of the first Grand Prix held at Silverstone, we suspect this particular scene having something to do with the Aston Martin Owners Club coming over to Silverstone to celebrate both the 70th anniversary of the DB1 as well as the 60th anniversary of the DB4.

Now, within the contexts of old versus new, Germany versus England or bravado versus elegance, we’re sure you will be able to come up with a fitting caption. So please feel free to caption this.

(words editor, picture Andy Barass)

Thursday, 26 July 2018

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Another museum quits after its caretaker passes

Another museum quits after its caretaker passes
It’s only a month ago that the Dutch Ford Museum was sold out of all of its inventory. This time, another motor museum focussing on one all-American marque quits with all of the cars and automobilia in it going to the highest bidders. For now it’s not Ford but Hudson that will have to do with one museum less.

And as the Ford Museum of Mister Den Hartog, the closure of the Hudson museum is due to the death of its instigator, mister Eldon ‘Ziggity’ Hostetler, who was of Amish origins. Hostetler had been successful in breeding chicken and patenting several poultry feeding systems in Indiana. But when his wife suggested for him to restore a classic Hudson car upon retirement, a whole new world opened up for Hostetler. In the 1980s his collection of Hudson mushroomed and was eventually turned into a full museum, open to the public, in 2007.

But when Hostetler passed away at the blessed age of 93 in 2016, the place was never the same without its caretaker. And so it has to go. All of it. Some very interesting cars will therefore be for sale with Worldwide Auctioneers on August 4. Among them several prototypes and the last of the real ‘Fabulous’ Hudson Hornet racers in its original 1950s NASCAR racing livery. Quite a chance! See all of them here. To finally quote the late Eldon Hostetler himself: “I want to thank my Lord for the abilities he blessed me with and for the opportunities that were presented to me during my life."

(Words editor, pictures Worldwide Auctioneers)

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

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