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Citroëns and Solexes in Manhattan

Citroens and Solexes in Manhattan
It can be refreshing to see things out of their usual context, and a parade of Citroën 2CVs, some DS-es and SMs plus the necessary Solexes in the heart of Manhattan, New York, fits the bill just perfectly. The parade was organized by the Greater New York Citroën and Vélosolex Touring Club Bastille Day Rendez-vous for the 19th time this year to celebrate Bastille Day – the French national day, which takes place on July the 14th. Well, the New Yorkers chose to celebrate it on the 15th so that they could also watch the World Cup football on that day. Never mind.

What counts is that Citroën owners from across the country came together in Manhattan once again for a day of driving, talking and general admiration of all things French. The finish was at 60th Street and Fifth Avenue, where all the cars were on view, with the festivities taking place around them.

Citroëns have never been exported to the US in significant numbers. Citroën North America ceased trading in 1974, when the carmaker withdrew from the North American market due to design regulations that outlawed the cars to be sold. Since that time Citroën never officialy came back to the USA or Canada. There are some enthusiasts who continue to support the French make, though, one of them being Brian Brandt’s Citroën repair shop, Mode Motors, in Queens, New York, who said during an earlier Citroen parade on Bastille Day: “I think a lot of people who like Citroëns tend to be in the arts or in science. I guess the kookiness of them appeals to those types of people. Personally, I just love driving them. It makes me happy.”

(Words editor, pictures Bernard Rouffignac)


Tuesday, 24 July 2018

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A mystery marketplace

A mystery marketplace

We have no idea how we got this photo in the first place but we found it in our archive. All that was written on it was: marketplace. We hope someone might recognize the buildings or the area and can tell us a bit more. As we only know that it is a lovely Monday mystery!

Who can also tell us what cars we see? Is that a sixties Opel Kapitän that is going around the corner?

Enjoy your week.


Monday, 23 July 2018

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What is it? Puzzle #188

What is it? Puzzle #188

What an interesting car this is. If you do not know it, it is not something to shame for. We had never heard about this before we went to look into the books. The car is built on a very famous base in a country that doesn’t have that big reputation in cars. But by someone who is well known for his designs. Does this ring a bell?


Tell us before Monday evening, in maximum 100 words everything you know about this yellow wonder and see next week if you won points in the six-month competition, sponsored by Hans Compter Rare Cars. Good luck! Or as they say: powodzenia


Saturday, 21 July 2018

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Summertime, and the livin’ is easy

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy
Summer is here and the lazy hazy crazy days of summer holiday are beckoning now. Are you taking your car to a holiday destination? And feel for recreating the atmosphere shown above by todays Friday Lady? We may just have the ticket for you...

Its roof offers all the space needed for comfortable stretching out. Oh, and when it does begin to drizzle, there's always plenty of room in the back for a good meal or some card games...

Friday, 20 July 2018

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