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Strange Cairo Jeep

willys-jeep-cairo-1Mahmoud Ezzeldin found this WW II Willy’s Jeep in Cairo, Egypt. It doesn’t look like an ordinary Jeep, so he would be grateful for any information about this mysterious machine as he’s planning to buy it. Can we help him? Click main pic for rear view. Mail us!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

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The next generation

It's not a barnfind, not a replica. Welcome in the latest model 
With a new developed engine and refined sculptured bodywork. Give it a good look, but better take it for a testrun. The handling is quite different, but after a few miles you'll start to enjoy.

In this new set up we hope to see and hear a lot more from you than was possible before. You can add up to 7 BIG photos with each car or bike advert. You can change your advert, renew it  or "boost" it back up in the new listings. But we guess it will be even more fun to receive your online comments on featured stories. Or even better we hope you will post your own pre-war car and family album car mysteries. Let's see how things develop over the next few weeks. We will welcome your opinion about the new page through the opinion seeking poll at the bottom right of this page ranging from Blah!  up to  Fab!  But whatever has changed and whatever you may think of it, our mission is to bring you: Something Old to Discover Every Day

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

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The Sharknose Bimmer

We remember the BMW 2000 CS - the godfather of all CS models - as the extremely attractive Sharknose. Or in the words of "Mekkie Messer"  Und der Haifisch der hat Zähne (WOW !!!, check this!)..." . Most 2000 CS models though are eaten by rust & rot. Not so with this very well treated example now offered by Markus Müller who wrote us from memory : "Appearing out of nowhere in your rear mirror, this must have been the ultimate shark attack in the sixties... "

Tuesday, 09 March 2010

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Advertising options at PreWarCar-PostWarClassic

With 7000-8000 unique visitors a day and ever growing, advertising on PreWarCar/PostWarClassic is highly effective, see the recent testimonials. Our audience is  between 34-64 years of age, higher educated and well to do. They have an international orientation and are travelling a lot. They buy cars, sell cars and sometimes even full collections. They are true afficionados and use their cars to the fullest.

Free Ads for New Users
Private seller, Dealer or Auction house? You can try out four free adverts to start with!
… one free advert for a prewar car or bike
… one free advert for a postwar car or bike
… one free advert for prewar parts
… one free advert for postwar parts

Free Ads for All Users
Did you use up your free adverts? Then advertising is still free of costs in many cases:
FREE: Cars and Motorcycles under or equal to  US$/Euro/GBP 10,000
FREE: Parts and Automobilia adverts with a total value under or equal to US$/Euro/GBP 200

Would you like to place an ad which does not meet the above criteria? Below you will find various options. If you have specific requests, do not hesitate to contact us!

Private & Dealer Car Ads 
Cars and motorcycles under   US$/ Euro/ GBP 10,000… your advert is FREE!
Paid ads start at Euro/US$ 24 for one month (see more options when you start listing).
NOTE: at a small extra of Euro 9 you can add a link to your own website, to a photo page like Flickr, to a video on Youtube, or to Vimeo (private accounts are not allowed to place a web link to a company website!).

Dealer Car Ads Package 
We offer packages for advertising 5, 10, 20, 30, 50 or more. With commitments for three, six or twelve months. Are you a starting dealer? Contact us for an interesting deal!

Auction Promotion Package 
Contact us for trial opportunities!

Parts Ads / Automobilia/ Books

Parts, Automobilia and Books with a total value under US$/ Euro/ GBP 200… your advert is FREE!
Paid ads start at Euro/US$ 2,60 for one month (see more options when you start listing).

Parts Shop Package (see example)
Ask us for options when you like to use more than 30 slots / parts ads. 

Specialists & Services 
We have a a ready made banner package for specialists at only Euro 169 per year. Contact us for more info.

Event Promotion
Do you like to promote your show, concours, rally or tour. We offer various barter options.

Museum Promotion
We list museums at our Museum Page based on honest exchange. A link for a link. A banner for a banner.
Contact us for more information.

Advertorials & Text sponsoring
Do you have relevant content that you like to share with our readers? Do contact us for various options.

Banners at  Homepage & Secondary pages
Ask our banner program. You can either buy a fixed position or a fixed number of impressions.

Database research for cars, motorcycles, parts & automobilia
Since 2001 we have gathered a database of 90,000 classic cars and 100,000's  of parts & automobilia on the market. Contact us when you have specific requests. A search for a specific car starts from Euro 36/US$ 36; for specific parts/ automobilia a search starts from Euro 15/ US$15.

Need assistance? Contact us!

Thursday, 11 September 2003

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