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Who is the Real Movie Star?

Lancia - Signora del Vento
Yesterday saw the start of the yearly Film Festival of Cannes. Always a good place to be for spotting glamorous starlets and glorious automobiles. Also present at the festival is Lancia who pampers its VIP guests aboard the “Signora del Vento”, a luxurious sailing vessel built in 1962. And now you wonder why Lancia sponsors this film festival? Then check the Internet Movie Cars Data Base how many Lancia’s were actually the real movie stars.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

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Can’t make up your mind?

Chevy 789
Probably you can’t make up your mind what model Chevy you like the most. It’s the same with us. We like the 1957 for its lovely hood ornaments; the 1958 for its side trim and doesn’t the 1959 have the most beautiful fins you’ve ever seen? Then, if don’t know which one to choose, this is the one for you! The front styled like the ’57, the side based on the ’58 and the rear end… what else, ’59 of course. That’s why they call it ’789’. The chassis is the 2005-2007 Corvette C6 that comes with the 400 hp V8 engine. It’s made by N2A-motors (no two alike).

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

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4 x 4 x 40 fun

Suzuki Jimny SJ 410

Hard to believe that Suzuki’s first 4x4 is already forty years old. Named the LJ10 or Jimny, it was their first mass-production 4x4 and the first models had only three seats, because the spare tire had to be fitted inside due to size regulations. check out Suzuki’s special website to celebrate the Jimny’s 40th birthday. (The main photo shows the second generation SJ410. Photos courtesy Suzuki)

Monday, 10 May 2010

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Looking for F-350 fire truck history

The visitor named  "Ford350camper" is looking for photos and/or history on his 1955 Ford F-350 that was converted to a camper years ago. Who can help him out?

Do you have an issue regarding your PostWar Classic? Feel welcome to post it. Use the button on the left.

Sunday, 09 May 2010

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