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Cyprus cars all mapped – but who names the unidentified ones?

Cyprus cars all mapped – can you name them?
Wow. Lots of reaction came in on Sunday's film footage, taken illegally on Cyprus. Not everyone was sure we should have published the video on PostWarClassic, but we did it since we felt we wanted to share it with you. There were also messages coming in from people knowing more about this unlikely scrap yard – if you can even call it that.

The ghost car park is located in a field at Episkopi Garrison, which is where the headquarters of British Forces Cyprus are located also. What’s more: the Brits have mapped out all of the 468 vehicles that are there and still offer (former) owners or their relatives the chance to reclaim them. There is an official governmental website with the necessary forms to do so here.

We had a look at the list of cars and found no less then 40 Hillmans, 29 Fords, 24 Morrises, 23 VWs, 18 Fiats, 14 Austins, 13 Vauxhalls, 12 Opels, 8 Land Rovers and many more. You can see most of them on the picture gallery they have added. Also, there are 17 unidentified vehicles and we wondered if you can name these. They wear the numbers 127, 213, 222, 239, 240, 244, 246, 251, 258, 280, 281, 282, 285, 293, 366 and 423. Click here for the gallery, and let us know what you recognize in the comments below!

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Tuesday, 08 May 2018

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Illegal but ever so interesting: Cyprus movie

We were sent a link to the seen above and were quite taken by it. Had you ever heard of this impressive scrap yard in Cyprus before? We had not. We had heard of the Cyprus National Guard which planned a coup which led to a civil war between the Greek and Turkish communities on the island in 1974. And we saw photos of the heavily restricted buffer zone, controlled by the United Nations, stretching 180kms across the whole island with no one allowed inside. But this was a new one to us. This movie must have been made illegal, not good we know We wanted to share it never the less.

Sunday, 06 May 2018

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About puzzle #182: Zagato Renault 5CV

About puzzle #182: Zagato Renault 5CV
We received just three (3) replies to last week’s puzzle, which puzzled us. Simply as we think this car cannot be mistaken as a Zagato design. Fritz Hegemann saw it, but still had it wrong. He wrote: “Gosh, this car is completely unknown to me... I just have to guess and to tell a story around it. Let's go: This car is a Zagato double-bubble-coupe based on an early OSCA MT4. The Maserati-brothers founded Officine Specializzata Costruzioni Automobili in 1947 and sold 77 bodies between 1949 and 1956. All built-in engines had an aluminium block and were 4-cylinder in-line engines, over the years increased bore and stroke from 1090cc up to 1492cc. The four-speed transmission also was a self-construction. The bodies were built by Italian body-makers, mostly in Barchetta form. The light and agile MT4 was one of the most successful sports cars of its time. Hope the idea was not too weird!

It’s definitely not bad Fritz! And Fritz was not the only one believing it was an OSCA. But still, it was no OSCA.

Our ultra puzzler Gerd Klioba knew that. He wrote: “This is the Renault 4CV Grand Tourisme bodied by Zagato, as it appeared on the cover of Autosport on March 2, 1956, registered 239 DT 38. It was driven by Jean-Claude Galtier, who won the 750cc class of the 1955 Mille Miglia in the Renault 4 CV Rédélé Special. But in 1956 he didn't drive the Zagato coupe at the Mille Miglia, but an Alpine A106.” That’s all fine. Or just about. Remarkably, Zagato itself lists the car as the 5CV, but we do not know more than just that. Any more information on the car is still more than welcome! Oh! And also about the (even prettier?) Dauphine they built..! 

Saturday, 05 May 2018

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Happy Greenery Day to our Japanese friends

Happy Greenery Day to our Japanese friends
It’s not so long ago since we had this particular vehicle as a quiz car – we’ll lead you straight away to the answer this time, as we keep the puzzling to Saturdays over here. But this lovely Friday Ladies photograph seemed fitting for today, since the car is a real Japanese classic. And today is a festive day in the land of the rising sun. It’s Shōwa Day, or Greenery Day.

This used to be a national holiday in Japan to celebrate Emperor Shōwa's birthday, although it’s now mostly renamed Greenery Day as a day ‘to commune with nature and to be thankful for blessings’. But also ‘to acknowledge the controversial wartime emperor's love for plants without directly mentioning his name.’ Who are we to object?

So enjoy nature, wherever you are. You might find it a fitting day to take you classic car out for a drive over those twisty country roads..?

(Words and archive picture editor)

Friday, 04 May 2018

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