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Tough to crack puzzle #185

Tough to crack puzzle #185
The round shape and the big grill might give it already away, so we will keep our tips limited to just saying that there were only a few produced. If you recognize the car, please tell us why no more of these cars were made. Tell us more about anything you know about the car, the make or the builder. Tell us things we cannot find on the internet. If you can, you wil most likely be the winner. And keep it limited to 100 words, send it in before Monday June 11th.

Enjoy your weekend and good luck!


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#9 Paul Elwell-Sutton 2018-06-11 22:59
This is a Hotchkiss-Grégoire from about 1952.
An extremely advanced car in its day with 2 litre 4 cylinder boxer engine, synchromesh on all 3 forward gears and overdrive on 3rd. Very advanced and original independent suspension f and r, and alumninium chassis, scuttle and windscreen surround, with some aluminium body panels in earliest models. A victim of the Plan Pons in post-war France, there were plans by Sir Laurence Hartnett to build this car in Australia alongside the Panhard Dyna X-based Hartnett light car, and by a Mr Kendall in England as a Kendall. Too advanced for tastes at that time, and very expensive. Hotchkiss was in grave financial straights at the time and killed it off after about 260 had been built.
#8 D Macnab 2018-06-10 22:16
I reckon it is one of these "In 1950 another Hotchkiss car the "Hotchkiss-Gregoire", was produced again with an alloy chassis and body. With independent suspension on all four wheels and fitted with a water-cooled flat four engine of 2 litres, ahead of the front axle, it was fast, with a top speed of 94 mph (151 km/h), but the car was expensive and only 250 examples were made by 1954. In 1956 Grégoire produced a two-seat convertible with a 2.2-litre supercharged flat-four engine producing 130 bhp (97 kW; 132 PS) and, as in the case of the cars mentioned previously, front-wheel drive. All ten cars made were fitted with bodies designed and built by Henri Chapron"(from Wikipedia). Don't know any more!
#7 Verner Johnsen 2018-06-10 20:19
Hotchkiss-Grégoire, designed by J A Grégoire in the late fourties. Presented in Paris in 1947. Produced by Hotchkiss in 1951-1954. Light weight uni-body. Independent suspension on all 4 wheels. Front wheel drive. 2,2 ltr. flat four engine, 70 hp.
The car was very expensive and it was considered to be very ugly by the potential buyers. Only 180 cars were produced including 7 coupés and convertibles.
In 1954 Hotchkiss shut down the production of passenger cars to concentrate on light trucks and military off-road vehicles (Jeeps) in another 16 years.
#6 Gerd Klioba 2018-06-10 16:43
This is the Hotchkiss-Grégoire, built from 1950 to 1953. Hotchkiss built only 247 of them (including 12 or 14 Chapron-bodied coupes and convertibles), because it was too expensive to build in order to sell at a competetive price. Furthermore, the aluminium body parts supplied by Sofal varied in size, so that the bodywork had to be adjusted individually for every car. Subsequent changes to sheet metal wings didn't help much. A final attempt to overcome these problems by applying the mechanics to a slightly altered Renault Frégate body, offering a more spacious, modern and inexpensive bodywork, failed in 1953/54.
#5 Stuart Penketh 2018-06-10 12:22
Tough to crack puzzle #185

1950-53 Hotchkiss Gregoire

Gregoire, 2 litre flat four, featured front wheel drive as well as a cast aluminum frame and firewall.
247 vehicles produced of which 12 were 2 door coupes.
Coupé and cabriolet versions appeared at the 1952 Paris Motor Show, including a streamlined Grégoire coupé with a 'panoramic' rear window bodied by Henri Chapron.
In 1952 the Gregoire was retailing for twice the price of the similar Citroën Traction 15CV, which was one of the reasons for the demise of Hotchkiss in 1954, being sold to Delahaye, the other being the French Government’s restriction on Luxury cars.
#4 Anders Svenfelt 2018-06-10 05:17
Jean-Albert Grégoire's brainchild, the 1950-54 Hotckiss-Grégoire. Aluminium was extensly used. Independent suspension all around. The engine was a 2 Litre watercooled flat four ahead of the front axle. It was expensive, double the price of a Citroën 15 CV. Under 250 built.
#3 Alejandro Falceto 2018-06-09 23:50
This is one of seven ever made superb Hotchkiss Grégoire Coupé bodied by Henri Chapron.
Hotchkiss produced the Gregoire from 1950 through 1953. It began as four-door saloon, but after sales were disappointing, the company introduced a special-bodied coach-built coupe and cabriolet versions at the 1952 Paris Motor Show. Later, the streamlined coupe with a 'panoramic' rear window (the car in the photo above) emerged as a final attempt to stimulate sales.
The Gregoire featured front wheel drive as well as a cast aluminum frame and firewall with a 2180 cc horizontal boxer water-cooled four-cylinder engine and a four-speed gearbox.
#2 Larry A. Lewis 2018-06-09 15:23
It's a Hotchkiss-Gregoire. Alain Cerf in Tampa, Florida owns one. All aluminium body.
#1 Fried Stol 2018-06-09 13:53
A distinctive grill of a 1951 Hotchkiss Gregoire. An aluminum alloy cast was used to create the chassis. A prototype made by Gregoire in 1942 was financed by “Societe Aluminium Francaise” which he tried to sell to several car makers like Fiat, Simca, Kendall, Panhard, Kaiser and Hartnett in Australia. Hotchkiss bought the design but only 247 were built. It was way too expensive because of the development, and the lack of buyers. It was twice the price of a Citroen Traction Avant Six. Government tax policies during the early 1950s in France led to heavily penalizing larger cars.

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