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When worlds converge

When worlds converge
When two very different parties come together, things unexpected can happen. From the meeting of world leaders from very different backgrounds to Paul McCartney teaming up with Michael Jackson.

It’s the same in the motoring world, where British manufacturers just occasionally collaborate with Italian carrozzerias and a former chicken farmer with Ford USA to modify an originally British roadster... 

We thought of this all when we saw this cool Pontiac last weekend. It’s a Bonneville Safari of 1959-vintage. The Bonneville was the non-plus-ultra that Pontiac could offer in the day. Apart from ‘Ever-Level’ air suspension it had ‘Circ-L-Aire Conditioning’ climate control; ‘Sportable’ portable transistor radio, ‘E-Z-Eye’ tinted glass and ‘Wonder Touch’ power brakes. And then there was the Safari version: a station wagon to top even all that and carry your whole family plus mother-in-law to the holiday destination in style.

This one, however, carried something from another automotive world in its back. Do you recognize it?

(Words and pictures editor)


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#2 Larry A. Lewis 2018-06-13 15:09
It's an electric child's Bugatti. I saw one once at a show in the USA.
#1 Jaap ter Linden 2018-06-13 11:06
The back part of the Bugatti is in a socond car ?

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