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Would you really want to sleep in your car?

Would you really want to sleep in your car?
This image struck us yesterday. It’s from a 1972 advertisement from oil giant Esso which uses the following heading: “Just imagine… falling asleep on the motor way”, and continuing: “A future dream vehicle, to drive off to your holiday destination in one long stretch.” It seemed like an ideal future vision, as it had been just that for at least another two decades earlier. But now that this dream is slowly turning to become reality not everyone is as optimistic about the motoring future anymore.

We’d just read an article about autonomous cars. You, too, have probably heard they are causing some headaches to governments worldwide. What do we need to do about the risks involved with them? After one of its self-driving vehicles was responsible for a fatal crash, taxi-service Uber has temporarily paused all autonomous vehicle testing in the state of Arizona. Meanwhile, Tesla confirmed that a recent motorway crash (killing the driver of the vehicle) happened while the Tesla Autopilot system was controlling the car.

So do autonomous cars need to be heavily regulated and scrutinized until we can be sure that they’ll bring no harm to their drivers and passengers? Perhaps not, says the author of this article. He writes: “This is an inherently flawed view. It’s not a good thing that self-driving cars have killed people, but testing them in real-world situations is a necessary thing if we want to keep moving forward toward a safer, brighter future. And unless we want to jeopardize that future, we need to get over our fears. Self-driving cars are going to kill people. Period.” And he concludes with “Get over it.” How about that? Feel free to add your opinion here.

(Words editor, image Esso)

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#2 David Scott 2018-06-08 16:43
Technological dead end, like the proposed convoys of self-driving trucks, we already have that!

It's called a train!

Just techology for technology's sake, no application in reality.
#1 Larry A. Lewis 2018-06-06 19:53
Of course autonomous cars will advance. One corpse at a time.

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