Place an Ad Help

On this page you will find help on all the aspects of placing an advert.

Step 1: Log In

Log-In with your E-mail address or Username in the first box.
Fill in the second box with your Password. 

If you can not get in:
ask for a new Username >>> click  "Forgot Username? "  ( you will receive an e-mail to get you going again)
aks for a news Password  >>> clcik "Password Lost?            (you will receive an e-mail to get you going again)

Reguister / Signup:
You need an account before you can place adverts. This is necessary to reduce the chance
to have scammers and other bad guys inour system. Please use names and address that we can check.
We don't show them in your advert. It is just ot check if you are a real person.

Step 2:  Free & Paid Ads

You can try us four (4) without any cost.
Four chances to try a For Sale or Wanted Ad.
   1.  prewar cars/bikes
   2.  postwar cars/bikes 
   3.  prewar parts/automobilia
   4.  postwar parts/automobilia

After a trial advert you can take  a Standard Advert. 
A standard car advert starts at US$/ Euro 24 
Or  it is FREE if the car is priced below US$ /Euro/GBP 10,000
Or it is FREE if the total sales value of the offered parts is below US$/Euro/GBP 200

Step 3?:  Photo Upload
Help text for image uploading.

Step 4?:  Details
Help text for the details of the ad.

Step 5: Duration & Extra Options
Help text for publishing options

Step 6: Preview & Publish
Help text for preview.