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1936 Armstrong Siddeley 17 hp Saloon

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

1936 Armstrong Siddeley 17 hp SaloonThis is my 1936 Armstrong Siddeley short chassis 17 hp saloon.  
I have been restoring it since December 14 2016 and apart from some issues along the way has been on the road since July.  Lots of midnight oil has been burnt especially in the shed heater earlier in the year.  It was originaly with the experimental department for the AS works before being returned to the factory and painted Black for re-sale, I prefered the production line colour and this is a close as I could get to the original colour but feel it is a great improvment over Black.

1938 German Ford Eifel

Sunday, 12 November 2017

1938 German Ford EifelI bought this car as pictured in  Ft. Wayne, Indiana, USA, in 1975. It is partially dissembled at present time. It sits on a "Y" chassis with mechanical rod actuated brakes, 10 hp engine and 3 spd transmission. The bumpers on the car are not correct, but correct v shaped damaged ones came with it. The body is not the normal roadster or cabriolet style, as it has an area behind the seat and the spare tire mount behind a small rumble seat lid(but no seat) on the surface.  The windshield post is wood with metal formed around it, with the little turn signal arms that come out. It also has wood through-out the body. I think the top is still original hartz cloth. 
  Does anyone know the value of this car or how rare it might be?  I saw one other similar on the Internet but was obviously old pictures of one driving on the street in an European country.

1915 Oldsmobile model 42 touring

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

1915 Oldsmobile model 42 touring 1915  Oldsmobile model 42 touring 100% original and complete  came from New Mexico to California garage for 75 years starts and runs no body damage or rust  I have owners manuals and maintenance manuals  only 1100 of these cars were made extremely rare.

Bugatti Replicas

Friday, 17 November 2017

Dear Editor,

Please do not pollute your wonderful website with adverts such as the one today for the Bugatti Replica. It is not a replica of a PreWar Bugatti. If the advert has to be placed anywhere, please find a place far away from PreWarCar.

Yours sincerely,
Hugh Ellis

Voisin follow-up (in case the text failed to get sent earlier.... Mike

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Voisin follow-up (in case the text failed to get sent earlier.... MikeSome other lucky lad's C14....

I was already greatly enamoured by photos of Gabriel Voisin's cars when I flew from New Zealand back to England in 1967.

Finding a magnificent 3 1/2-litre Bentley sedanca coupe lying derelict on the South Coast within a few days of touch-down at Heathrow, that did distract me slightly I admit.... but Exchange and Mart got me back on the Voisiniste trail one Thursday morning .... Thursday being a(s)low time for productive work in an architect's office, until the magazine had been speedily perused over morning coffee.

Spotted an advert for a tiny stash of Voisin parts. Realised they were the missing parts of the "second" car, parts-car to RX9550, the 1929 C14 Chartreuse that had disappeared from UK history in recent times.

Couldn't get the bits back home fast enough.... a FIAT 500 helped slow things right down to a crawl that night.

A few months later, I found the guy who had the old Voisin saloon. John had done a huge restoration job, and I fell deeply in love with the car.

No he didn't ever want to part with it but.... but....

I remembered that one of the Voisin parts was one feather, only one, broken off the original oiseau-volante aluminium mascot. I spotted John's restored car mascot would indeed be missing a feather in the wind.

John and Mike met over a Cointreau at a WestEnd London niteclub....nothing to do with old cars (I just fancied Mrs John, but that's another tale)

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