Show a pre-war mystery

If you have a photo of a mystery car or motorcycle you are most welcome to share it.

Show a pre-war mystery 

A. Cousinard. Who is he ?

Sunday, 09 July 2017

A. Cousinard. Who is he ?Hello,

I have seen this writing on a crank glass (A. Cousinard, Breveté (patented)). Does anyone have information about A. Cousinard and his production ? he made only patent on window system or maybe in other parts ?


Early Steering Box.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Early Steering Box.Would anyone out there know what this early steering box is off  ? It has no makers name or any markings other than a part ? number that appears to be GF 39605,

I want to know what the car is

Sunday, 18 June 2017

I want to know what the car is
I want to know what the car is


Alfa Romeo Swiss Body

Tuesday, 06 June 2017

Alfa Romeo Swiss BodyThis Body i got from Uwe Hucke in the beginning of 1970. It came from Nizza.
It should come from a 8C 2300 ?  
Who can tellme something abot the Body. At the last pic you see Garage Monteverdi.


Wednesday, 31 May 2017

I am trying to find some information about an Adler which I am currently working on.  I am trying to find out what the drive in the picture is for.  It is driven from the camshaft and the lower end drives the oil pump.  I am also trying to find out if these engines are fitted with an oil pressure guage or some other type of oil indicator.  I've been unable to find any pictures of this 13/30 model and hope that your readers may be able to help me out.

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