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Show a pre-war mystery 

Mystery gearbox

Saturday, 02 October 2010

Gavin Campbell10 Winfield RoadOrmeau, 4208,Queensland,Australia 03/10/2010Mr. Joris Bergsma, founding editorPreWar Car. Good morning Joris, You will find attached several photos of a gearbox I own. Perhaps you or a subscriber can identify it.  The only markings at all are the letters GHL B cast into the lid. No numbers or letters on the housing itself. The box is in remarkably good overall condition, very little wear on anything, particularly the vulnerable items such as the selector forks and leading edges of gear teeth. No slop in shaft bearings, etc. It is a 3 speed unit, and really quite small, measuring 9 ½” centre /centre across the mounting holes and 8” centre/centre front to back mounting holes. The casting is 11” front to rear and 9 ½” side to side. It is right hand change, the lever mounted on the end bracket, which has two threaded horizontal bolt holes, presumably to bolt to the side of the chassis. The extension tube is 11” long. Total width from opposite side of box to change lever end bracket is only 23 ½”  The lever is interesting (and simple) in its operation. It can be sometimes difficult to move the selector on many R/H change boxes, due to the lever being solidly fixed to the selector shaft. To move from one slot to another the shaft has to slide sideways. Therefor the lever has to be effectively moved sideways in a horizontal plane, rather than “rolled” (as with a ball change) from one side to the other. E.G. Vauxhall 23/60, 30/98 and Sunbeam types.  With this little gear box there is a pivot bar running fore & aft on the end bracket, the lever is loosely supported by this pivot bar and a through-bolt attaches the fork-shaped end of the lever to the selector shaft. Above the pivot bar is the gate. As the lever is moved sideways from the 1st/rev slot to the 2nd/top slot it pulls the selector shaft across. Because the lever is attached to the selector shaft by the through-bolt, when the lever is moved forward or backwards it rotates the shaft, moving the selector in the box.  More pictures available. Best regards,Gavin CampbellAustralia

Montée de Cassel

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Ik wilde vragen of jullie me bij de identificatie van deze auto wilden helpen... Wij komen er echt niet uit, er zit geen embleem of iets anders op. Helaas hebben we de auto niet geparkeerd gezien, dus dan wordt het meteen al wat lastiger.  De auto reed mee in de Montée de Cassel op 1 mei 2010, georganiseerd door Christophe Pund. Het zou fantastisch zijn als jullie ons verder kunnen helpen. Met vriendelijke groet,Job

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