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A French (?) Monday Mystery Coupe de Ville

A French (?) Monday Mystery Coupe de VilleI guess I should add something to this debate even though I cannot solve the problem. Attached is a photo of my 1924 Series SG Turcat Mery (3 litre side valve) undergoing restoration (which it still is). I think you will see that the top of the radiator appears to show the same features in the mystery car as mine although the photo of the mystery is far from clear. Further, the general line, appearance  and proportions from the windscreen forward  are virtually identical based on other photos I have.
This would mean it is not a model UG Turcat similar to Jak's 1925 which has a rounded top to the radiator. Also the mystery car has a much longer wheelbase (similar to mine) than Jak's UG model. But the radiator differs from mine in being taller. Like Jak's car the bottom of the radiator of the mystery car appears to be below the top of the chassis frame. Mine sits on top of the chassis frame. Before 1924 the Turcat Merys had a distinctly different radiator shape - so it would have to be post - 1923 - but Turcat Merys had 4-wheel brakes on everything well before that.
I do not know what it is - other than that I feel certain it is French - but in my opinion it is not a Turcat Mery.


#1 2017-03-24 20:28
Hello Phil,

Many thanks for your effort which helped me to identify the most likely contender for the car in question - very much appreciated!

And, by the way, that is a pretty impressive car which you are restoring.

All the best,

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