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Louis Scobie (UK, selling 1934 MG PA at GBP 15,500 within a month) August 30 2003
Your web-site generated 9 replies: UK.....5, DK....1, USA...1, GER...1, Other....1. I live in Scotland, and the car went to sw England (Devon).
Sherrill (US, selling Ford Pick-Up at $ 12,500) - August 12 2003
I got quite a few responses to my ad for a '36 Ford Pickup Truck and sold it in about a month. A man in Ontario, Canada was the first one who was interested. He needed to sell a trailer to raise the funds. In the meantime, I sold it to a man in Capitola, California.
Bryn (UK, selling Riley Special at GBP 41,000) - August 12 2003
We had about 30 responses from USA, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Germany, France and UK. Most of the people said, initially, that they definitely wanted the car but when asked to make a phone call to the Principal did not proceed even that far. Money talks, bullshit walks. I would say that the car was about 10 per cent overpriced and that might have had something to do with it. I don't know what...
Poul (selling BSA 3 wheeler from Denmark) - July 16 2003
The BSA Trewheeler Is sold.
Paul (selling Bugatti T44 -without body- from New Zealand) - 27 June 2003
...Dear Sir, this Bugatti has now been sold. Thank you very much for advertising it on your website. Keep up the good work.
Paul (Selling 1944 Dodge wc57 Command from France) - 11 January 2003
My Dodge wc 57 command car listed in your link has been sold yesterday. Many thanks.

(car was sold to the UK within 8 days after listing)
Francesc (selling Hispano Suiza T49 from Spain) - 24 December 2002
...my car hispano suiza has been sold many thanks and merry christmas.
Melanie (selling 1926 Morgan Family Aero from UK) - 4 November 2002
We have now sold the 1926 Morgan Family Aero, thanks to your brilliant website.
Nigel (selling 1935 Riley 12/4 Lynx from UK) - 1 November 2002
I'd like to withdraw my ad for my Riley 12/4 Lynx, 1935, white, sale price £14,500 as it is unsold and the offers made to date I would rather keep it. Got more inquiries than expected, great site and will keep on checking in. Well done, and thanks...
Bryn (Selling Singer Le Mans from UK)
26 Oct 2002: '...thanks for putting my Singer in the Editor's Choice column. In the first 24 hours, I have had one query from Luxembourg and one from Italy. And you said that people don't know about the site...! '
18 Nov 2002: 'Just to advise that the green Singer LM (reg: DAR 803) has been sold to Max Bontempi in Italy and he hopes to use it in next year's Mille Miglia. It has been a really u...
John (selling 1928 Austin 20/6 Van from UK) - 22 October 2002
We have now sold this van. Thank you for your help
Terry (Selling 1925 Cleveland from Australia) - 1 OCT 2002
have sold 1925 Cleveland...(to Germany) thankyou PWC

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